About Manjar Ceramics

Reinterpreting Traditional Mexician Pottery

Manjar, meaning nectar in Spanish, was, therefore, chosen as intersection between our happy memories being raised Mexican and our passion with pottery.



Manjar (Pronounced in Spanish) Ceramics was first created as continuation to both our perception of art. We both were school trained in 2-dimensional art but later found passion in ceramics. Alejandra's first teaching job asked her to teach ceramics. Being that both our preferred medium was painting, we decided to get a wheel and learn as much as possible in order for her to teach ceramics correctly. Slowly ceramics began to be our passion learning as much as possible in order to be better potters. The material might have changed but our philosophy regarding art hasn't. We believe art is correlated to experience, and therefore we fuse each owns upbringings and our current daily life with ceramics. We both recall vibrant colors all over our own houses whether they were in intricate dishes or in textiles. These colors and shapes have been part of our lives and we now we want our pottery to become part of your home.

Alejandra Calderón
Alejandra Caldeón was born to a Mexican immigrant family who have always believed in retaining their identity. She grew up painting specifically in regards to identity and what it is to be Mexican while trying to capture her identity in her painting. Once in College she focused in becoming a high school art teacher. After getting her credentials her first job was teaching ceramics full time, and from there she fell in love with the clay and the different aspects of the ceramic making process, she has since never looked back. Alejandra's experience of living in the multi-cultural environment of the United States that made her reflect on
her own roots and her own culture for the first time. Looking back at her own culture, and drawing inspiration from traditional Mexican pottery, she began to develop a new style that referenced her own history from both a cultural and uniquely personal perspective.
Luis Magaña
Luis Magaña was born to and became an immigrant at a young age.  As a child his parents always emphasized in dreaming big while working for that dream. Growing up he and his brothers were not allowed to go to the streets in order to avoid getting into gangs so they would rely in education and in art. He later went to the university in the city of Sacramento to study Anthropology and Art where he was first introduced to Alejandra.